Email Delivery Issue

10/6/24 – This week we have seen email delivery issues from Microsoft mail servers to some of your recipients. This is due to some of Microsoft’s Australian Exchange mail servers being listed on Spam Blacklists such as Spam Cop. When you send an email, it is handed to Microsoft’s Exchange Mail Server which will then …

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I received an email from my own email address or display name

I received an email from my email address or display name Spammers and scammers setup automated systems to send bulk emails If order to have a higher chance of you, or your staff, looking at the email, they simply send the email with your email address or your “display name” (with a bogus email address) …

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Office activation issue

Office activation issue We have seen this week some computers losing their office activation It appears to be caused by a recent update that changes the setup To resolve please book a remote support session via If you can’t find a suitable slot, please let us know In the meantime, open your browser and …

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365 Security Defaults

365 Security Defaults Microsoft will soon be enforcing security defaults on your Office 365 Tenant This means you will be required to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to connect to your email, OneDrive, SharePoint and teams etc This is a good thing as MFA stops 99% of hacking attempts. If you happen to give away your …

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25/01/2023 – Microsoft outage

There appears to be a Microsoft outage effecting Outlook, Teams and other cloud services You can see reports here: and here: 8:21PM – OUTAGE APPEARS TO BE RESOLVED

Microsoft Outlook prompts for password

Microsoft has been recently improving and increasing security for Office 365 Exchange mail As a result, computers running older versions of Microsoft Outlook may fail to connect Also computers with a particular security settings may fail to connect Re-entering your password will not resolve the issue To resolve book support via

Apple iPhone issue

Apple iPhone issue Microsoft has been recently improving and increasing security for Office 365 Exchange mail As a result iPhone’s and iPad’s that are using the inbuilt mail app may fail to connect and request your password To resolve: The sames goes for Android users. Use a Microsoft email app to connect to a Microsoft …

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