Support Requests via text message

We understand that it might be quick and convenient for you to send us a support request via a text message.

However text messages hinder our support processes and are often over looked.

We can’t funnel text messages into our job queue without manual checking which is inefficient and time consuming.

There are many reasons we can list why not to send a support request via text message, such as:

  • The tech may be on a job and can’t be interrupted
  • They may be at lunch
  • They may be off sick
  • They may be on holidays

If a tech is busy and concentrating on a job they may not see your text until they finish their current job. They may not notice it until the next day, or next week etc.

If you contact us via phone or email, multiple tech’s now know about it. We can therefore deal with your support request quickly.

Text message work for some industries and professions but it doesn’t work for us. We have a staffed office, a workshop, multiple technicians that are working remotely as well as on the road and onsite at customers premises.

Please help us help you by contacting us via phone or email.

Our contact details can be seen HERE

Please note if you text us you there will be a $20 ex GST charge to cover our time and efforts to check for these messages

Our rates can be seen HERE