How we invoice our customers

At Warringah IT we always aim to give our customers value.

All invoices are created by Steve Sapsford, the owner of Warringah IT. Steve will look at every single invoice before it it sent out to ensure it passes the fair test. Fair to the customer and fair to Warringah IT.

We operate on an hourly basis but also on a unit basis. We may spend 2 hours resolving an issue, or installing a new computer system but determine that unit billing is fairer to our customer for this job.

For example, instead of billing for 2 hours, we will bill for 1 hour to ensure it passes the “fair test” and gives our customer value.

The nature of IT means some exepected challenges. Our aim isn’t to bill our customers like a cab ride. Instead, our aim is to be your long term IT partner and an integral part of your business. We want our staff to concentrate on the job at hand, to do what needs doing and to bill what is fair afterwards.

If you look closely at the columns on your invoice you will see:

Item – the staff members initials who did the work

QTY – the number of hours we have billed you for

Description – the date, the time we started and finished working on the job, the Warringah IT staff member who performed the work and the ticket number. Below this line will be a description of work performed.

What is important to realise is the QTY of hours we have charged for do not neccessarily equal the amount of time we actually spent on the job.

We do a lot of favours for customers, particularily over the last 18 month through the Covid 19 period.

Steve will look at the description of the work performed by the tech and determine what the fair amount of time should be charged.

For example:

We may charge 0.0 for a 0.25 hour job
we may charge 0.25 for a 0.5 hour job
we may charge 0.5 for a 1 hour job

Some IT companies charge their customers an inflated “fixed” monthly fee. It is marketed to you as “you will only every have to pay this one amount per month”

I can tell you a secret, this isn’t true and it benefits the IT company a lot more than you. Anything out of the ordinary isn’t included and the monthly fee is loaded with extra “management fees”, charges for doing nothing but you having a particular product or service.

Most new customers come to us because their current IT has been charging them under this arrangement. No customer has ever said to us that they prefer the old IT support businesses billing method and costs.

When we take on a new customer there is usually a large amount of work that needs to be done to bring their network up to scratch. This can worry the customer as they are used to the billing method of their old IT support.

I can promise that when we onboard you, we will plan and implement what you need and will bill it fairly. We want you as a long term customer and if it means we need to help you get up to scratch, then that is what we will do.

As a business owner you may have good times and bad times. We all know how challenging today’s times are. When we bill customers as described above it means if they are quiet and need to save costs, then they can easily do that. When customers businesses are going well, then that is usually when they can afford to spend money on IT for new user setups, new computers systems and services.

If you have questions regarding your invoices or charges, Steve will be more than happy to talk to you and walk you through the above.