Cloud Backup

Cloud backup offers a simple solution to get your data backed up off site.

Your important data is backed up into Australia data centers automatically.

Cloud backup is idea for laptops/notebooks to protect from loss of equipment, theft, breakdown and disaster.

Cloud backup is important for businesses who have onsite backups to also have a second copy of their data off site.

Most businesses have already moved to Office 365 for Business where their email and data is stored in Microsoft’s infrastructure. This data is backed up by our Office 365 Backup system.

BUT users don’t always store their data in the correct locations. We find important data stored on the users desktop and document folders for example that is therefore not backed up.

Don’t let an internet threat, rogue employee or an accident cause you to lose your files, especially when it is so easy and ecconomical to protect your data.

Cloud backup costs $10 ex GST per computer per month.