TPG BizPhone

What is TPG BizPhone?

TPG BizPhone is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system, which means you make and receive phone calls over the internet .
TPG BizPhone is NBN compatible and can be used on non TPG internet connection as well .
Warringah IT can help migrate your old phone system to TPG BizPhone.

What are the benefits of TPG BizPhone?

• Able to move a phone anywhere (like to your home), and it will continue to operate provided it is connected to internet.
• Fixed costs, including unlimited calls to local, standard national and Australian mobile numbers (International calls from 4¢ per minute and 13/1300 numbers from 25.3¢ per call)
• Two year contract (generally most providers only offer five year or longer contracts)
• You are able to keep your existing phone numbers
• The ability to receive voicemails directly to your personal email address
• There are various options when choosing the handset model (either the standard or cordless options, or the premium handset better suited for reception)

  • Complimentary Hunt Group e.g. How incoming calls are set to be delivered to handsets
  • Complimentary Auto Attendant e.g. Calling a number and greeted by a  menu system “press 1 for support – press 2 for accounts” etc.
  • Call forward unreachable (disaster recovery – if the handset or service stop working, you can redirect calls to your mobile or your choice of phone number)

Optional features available across all plans

• Mobile App: Ditch your traditional phone and go mobile. A application is installed on your mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Android even iPads!) you can receive and make calls from.
• Desktop App: Turn your handset into your desktop. Not dissimilar to Skype, install the TPG BizPhone application and make and receive calls on your desktop computer.
• Receptionist App (or premium handset): The Receptionist App is great when managing multiple incoming calls at once. An application is installed on your computer and you have an interface you can use to assign calls to other handsets in the office. If you receive less incoming calls but want an easy to use reception phone, the premium handset with its touchscreen screen is a convenient cost-effective solution.