Microsoft Office 365 Security

In order to protect your IT systems, we are currently auditing your current 365 setup and implementing many improvements to your tenant.

Items such as:

MFA number matching
Authentication methods
Audit logs
Connected applications
Contact settings
External sender tag
OneDrive retention
Shared mailboxes
Inactive mailboxes
SharePoint permissions
External sharing
Guest permissions
PowerShell access
Block legacy applications
Login portal branding
Risky country blocking
Risky IP blocking

External sender tag

Emails originating from outside your 365 tenant will have the label “External” added.
This helps to quickly identify external emails that you should be wary of in regard to clicking on links etc.
To help stop scams, emails to your staff pretending to you will get tagged also.
Emails for co-workers won’t have this tag added.
This setting is recommended and is widely used worldwide.