WordPress maintenance and security

If you have been asked to view this page, it is more than likely because we have done a check on your WordPress installation and found issues that need addressing.

If your website runs on WordPress there are some important tasks that should be completed regularly.

  1. Backup of your website
  2. Installing WordPress plugin updates
  3. Installing WordPress theme updates
  4. Installing Core WordPress updates
  5. Checking for vulnerabilities in WordPress
  6. Applying security measures
  7. Upgrading PHP version
  8. Enforcing the use of a SSL certificate

Why do you need to do this?

Hackers will probe your website for out of date software in an effort to compromise your website.
This could lead to visitors to your website downloading viruses to their computers, your website defaced or taken offline.

How do I perform the steps listed above?

  1. You can do yourself via the WordPress toolkit application which is available to you. If you decide to do yourself, please take care and make backups between each step. Constantly test to check if any update breaks anything on your website.
  2. If you have an active web developer you can talk to them about regular maintenance that they may charge a monthly fee for example.
  3. Warringah IT can check and patch up your website

Please note, that if your website has been left unattended for a long time, has many old and unsupported plugins and themes, then updating your website may take it offline. If this is the case you may need an experienced developer to resolve.