Security Access Training

No matter how large or small a business is, it’s a target for cybercriminals. That’s because it only takes a single unwitting click on a phishing link to grant criminals access to everything on a given network.

Security awareness training and phishing simulations are essential for businesses who want to transform end users from the weakest link in the security chain, into a cautious and aware first line of cyber defence.

End users need regular and consistent cyber-awareness education. With regular training, businesses can empower end users to identify and report scams, avoid risks, fulfil regulatory compliance requirements, and help prevent cyberattacks.

We can enroll users in training courses to educate them on cybersecurity best practices as well as the common scam and social engineering tactics used by criminals. These courses are also paired with fake phishing emails intended to test users critical thinking and security awareness. Reports are generated for both of these types of courses and can be used to see which users may need additional training.

Security Training Courses

These courses educate users on the type of scams that they can fall victim too. They also educate users on why being vigilant when online is so important. These courses can be set on an automated monthly basis or created and rolled out as needed.

Phishing Training Courses

These courses impersonate emails that scammers are likely to send to users to try and bait them into clicking on a link or giving away their credentials. These courses can help identify users who may need additional training on cyber security. These courses can also be set on an automated monthly basis or created and rolled out as needed.

Automated Courses

These courses are sent out on a once-a-month schedule to all users enrolled in the training, and the content of the training is automatically chosen. At the end of the course the report is sent to management for review. Both Security Access Training and Phishing courses are included in this.

Manual Courses

These courses are created as needed. The users involved and the content of the course can be fully customised. These are useful cases where some users may need additional training, or the organisation needs a specific type of training sent out. Both Security Access Training and Phishing courses can be sent.

The cost for the training system is $2 ex GST per user per month for auto pilot (automated) courses.

We can also do ad hoc training as needed.