Email providers such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, etc, are tightening their security to reduce spam to their users.

We have already done an initial audit of your domains and DNS records. We have been busy checking and editing your SPF records, setting up DKIM, and adding DMARC records.

We now need to monitor the email delivery of your domains to check for compliant and non-compliant emails.

To avoid larges amounts of time manually check daily reports we are using a new system to automate the reporting.

We will be able to see what sources you use to send out emails and whether they are reaching your customers.

The sending sources are your email server and things like your website, your CRM, your accounting system, your marketing platform, and your newsletter system.

Unauthenticated email servers must be identified, confirmed legitimate, and added to your DNS.

Failure to do this will result in your emails not being delivered.

Another benefit of configuring your sending servers is that it helps stop phishing attacks sent to your customers.

You don’t want to receive fake emails; the same goes for your customers receiving fake emails pretending to be you.