[SPAM] Xero Subscription Notifications

Numerous customers have been receiving fake Xero Billing Notification emails similar to our post last month.

The email this time has a subject of ‘Your latest Xero subscription invoice’ and is being sent from a wide range of individual and business email addresses. The invoice numbers used may vary in an attempt to make the invoice more convincing.

Please be aware that these emails were not sent by Xero.

If you have received this email, do not click on the link to view your bill. The link in this phishing email will redirect you to a malicious website.

You can find a regularly updated list of known fake Xero emails published by Xero here.


Dear Customer

Here’s your latest Xero subscription invoice. The amount will be debited from your credit card on or after 27 Feb 2019.

View your bill online: INV-8232842

You may notice that your subscription invoice amount changed recently. This is likely to be due to the recent price changes, which are outlined in our blog.

If you have any queries about your invoice amount, please see the support article at Xero Central.

The Xero Billing Team